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"My son Aaron has started going to Spirit & Mind since September 2018 and at his last school I noticed that he started slacking off with his grades by mainly not understanding what's going on with the curriculum. As a teacher and Administrator at his last school, Ms. Cami reached out to me and expressed how she felt about him and that she didn't want my kid to fail. That really meant something to me that some teachers really do care about their students! I really like the closeness and enjoy how the educators at Spirit & Mind really sit with the kids and make sure they understand what's going on. I love the Virtual Services that include emails, calls, and video to check in on them and their homework needs. Also if they have questions for homework from school they're able to call them and they can assist. I'm super excited to see how much progress Aaron will make for this school year and also thankful for Ms. Cami for taking the time to make sure my child is learning at his grade level."

-Debbie Bowman

"They need more leaders and teachers like you all who are concerned about the students and you understand it starts with their thinking process which in turn helps them control their behavior. This education service is very remarkable. It is helping my son to excel in his Math and Science. The facilities are very nice, warm, and professional. The staff is on point. I would recommend these services to anyone who wants their children to improve- so thank you for a fresh approach to the old way of teaching, and a new look on an old way of learning. You help strengthen a lot of weak areas."

-Bobby Kelly

"At Spirit & Mind, my children had to have their math skills corrected from bad teaching in school. All three of them have improved in writing and can now write in fluent cursive which the schools don't even teach anymore! If you or your child comes here they will definitely improve beyond your expectations. The people are supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, and provide everything you need as a parent to know where your kid is, where they need to be, and how they are going to get there. They are really good at what they do! I recommend!" 

-Mawata Fofana

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